Manor Heath

As a family, we love to visit Manor Heath so I’ve chosen this house for entirely selfish reasons! For me, Manor Heath is always sunny. Even when it’s cold, it’s bright. And the cafe sells nice coffee so I can keep my hands warm whilst manning the swings. I think it was this year, in […]

The Gateway…

This is only a brief post. Someone emailed me this wonderful, detailed photo of the gateway of High Sunderland: It was the final piece of the puzzle and I was able to finish this painting today. This is the gateway described by Lockwood in Wuthering Heights: “Before passing the threshold I paused to admire a […]

In search of High Sunderland and Wuthering Heights…

From one extreme to another, High Sunderland is one of the older houses I’m looking at for this project. The house was either completed 1587, for Richard Sunderland, or 1629, for Abraham Sunderland, his grandson. It’s not known for sure, though there are records show a structure on the site dating right back to 1274, […]

Pennine Heritage Archive

I spent an afternoon up at the Pennine heritage archive about a week ago, looking through the auction catalogues for Castle Carr from 1874 and 1879.   It was so strange looking at the descriptions of it as a potential stately residence. The plans show the planting schemes, and the potential for tennis courts, croquet […]

More Castle Carr

Excuse the long silence. I had to put the project to bed for a while while I finished a body of new work for an exhibition called ‘Water & Light’ at Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge. The exhibition went really well, and I’ve met some lovely people. But I have been so excited about getting […]

Castle Carr Fountain

I first heard about the water gardens at Castle Carr 6 years ago. They are opened to the public only once a year, and every year until today I have missed it. This year the twins were old enough to walk the 5 mile round trip. Not bad for three year olds with little legs. […]

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