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More Castle Carr

Excuse the long silence. I had to put the project to bed for a while while I finished a body of new work for an exhibition called ‘Water & Light’ at Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge. The exhibition went really well, and I’ve met some lovely people. But I have been so excited about getting […]

Castle Carr Fountain

I first heard about the water gardens at Castle Carr 6 years ago. They are opened to the public only once a year, and every year until today I have missed it. This year the twins were old enough to walk the 5 mile round trip. Not bad for three year olds with little legs. […]

Arts & Crafts Stone…

I was so lucky yesterday. I was invited to explore some ruins of New Cragg Hall which stand in someones private garden. The owner told me that after the hall burned down in 1921 it stood as a burned out shell until her house was built on the site in the 1950s. Much of the […]

Treasure hunting in Cragg Vale

Daisy had a bad dream the other night. A Dragon came out of the river. The bad dreams always seem to feature dragons; I blame Room on the Broom! Once I’d calmed her down I couldn’t get back to sleep myself and so I lay there thinking about New Cragg Hall. There’s a very beautiful […]

Beginning in Cragg Vale

I have started the project with Cragg Hall, mainly because Hebden Bridge History Society have some fantastic images in their archive up at the Birchcliffe Centre. I was familiar with the image of the house standing in the valley, but the archive provided me with beautiful details of the grounds, like these ones: Standing on […]

The idea for this exhibition

The idea for this project came about 5 years ago when i had a meeting with a customer about commissioning a painting. “I would like Castle Carr in it” she said. I’d never heard of Castle Carr. For anyone else who’s never heard of it, it was a vast and austere castle which now lies […]

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